Registering Participants

Registering participants at a company’s shareholders’ meeting ensures that only the authorized (share owners) can participate at the meeting, and also guarantees that each owner can vote with as many votes as many shares they possess. The database of the shareholders’ registry or the shares deposit can be used for registration. After successful identification, each shareholder is supplied with a voting book containing detachable voting cards. During the organization project, a barcoded registration sheet was sent to each shareholder, enabling us to assign the voting book to the shareholder by to simple barcode scans, which significantly accelerates the registration process. The registration sheets – signed by the shareholder – also serves as an attendance register to be submitted to the registry court.




Bakonyi Erőmű Rt. (energy - power plant & mines)

Mátrai Erőmű Rt. (energy - power plant & mines)

Budapest Bank Rt. (banking)

ÉMÁSZ Rt. (utilities - electricity)

ELMŰ Rt. (utilities - electricity)

Magyar Hitelbank Rt. (banking)
Forrás Rt. (property management & investment)