Supporting General Meetings of Companies

Organizing general meetings is a complex service where the proven ISORIS methodology assures trouble-free preparations for holding general meetings. Preparations are performed within the frameworks of a project where the task of the project team is to thoroughly organize the general meeting. The project covers the many times legally bound tasks from publishing the announcement to mailing barcoded invitations and registration sheets to shareholders, to furnishing and equipping the location and to provide catering depending on the number of shareholders, to carefully organizing the security of the event. The preparation project lasts as far as building the IT network which supports registration and vote counting, preparing to see and register the shareholders.



Bakonyi Erőmű Rt. (energy - power plant & mines)

Mátrai Erőmű Rt. (energy - power plant & mines)

Budapest Bank Rt. (banking)

ÉMÁSZ Rt. (utilities - electricity)

ELMŰ Rt. (utilities - electricity)

Magyar Hitelbank Rt. (banking)
Forrás Rt. (property management and investment)