Registering Shareholders

The shareholder registry software of Noldex helps accurately register the share owners of the company and their shares by identification number. Based on the capital issue and denomination data, the software controls the sale and circulation of each share in case of any endorsement transactions, and issues a certificate of registry entry for the owner. The software also supports the preparations for general meetings, the barcode-based registration of participants, and share deposits as well as the preparations for and register of transvaluation, invalidation, or new capital issues. A number of reports can be generated on the company’s ownership structure and its changes for the management.


Északmagyarországi Áramszolgáltató Rt. (utilities - electricity)
Budapesti Elektromos Művek Rt. (utilities - electricity)
Déldunántuli Áramszolgáltató Rt. (utilities - electricity)
Unitas Coop Rt. (wholesale & retail)
Bakonyi Erőmű Rt. (energy - power plant & mines)

PannonPower Rt. (energy - power plant)

Pápa Hús Rt. (production - meat products)

Budapesti Erőmű Rt. (energy - power plant)

Vértesi Erőmű Rt.  (energy - power plant & mines)
Forrás Rt. (property management & investment)