Project Management

Project management requires special knowledge. The project management methodology of Noldex is called Isoris. Applying the proven and prevalent methodologies ensures that the project is managed smoothly from its planning stage, and that the goals of the project are completely achieved. Due to the orderly, mature and proven documenting system, tracking the progress of the project and regularly, accurately and reliably informing the project supervisory board all contribute to the successful fulfillment and to the reduction of risks to the minimum.

Beyond extended industry-specific experiences, the projects for organizing general meetings of shareholders guarantee the special knowledge of meeting industry-independent, diversified requirements, and offer significant advantages for our clients.

Our ISO certification also covers project management.

Projects for organizing general meetings
Dunaferr Acélművek Kft (steel)
Budapesti Elektromos Művek Nyrt (utilities - electricity)
Intereurópa Bank (banking)
Selena Kft (building materials)
Magyar Tudományos Akadémia (Hungarian Academy of Sciences) 
Foglalkoztatási és Szociális Hivatal (National Employment and Social Agency)
Nemzeti Szakképzési Intézet (National Institute of Vocational and Adult Education)