Other Software

Noldex possesses the information technology knowledge base and the appropriate management and documenting methodology which enable us to plan and implement special IT systems of high standard at different areas of the economy.

The “Handicraft in Europe” Internet portal operated by the company proves how much the new possibilities of the Internet are utilized. As of today, the portal plays a significant role for craftsmen, providing the opportunity to publish, sell, and advertise their products, present their whereabouts with GPS coordinates, and keep in touch with each other as a club. Each subscriber receives a certificate to prove their membership of the Hungarian handicraft community irrespectively of country borders and the artistic quality of their products. The products are marked with the POI logo to certify portal membership.

A specific IT solution was developed to manage the registry of cemeteries. With aerial photography, an orthophoto was produced in which each tomb of the given cemetery is identified by its GPS coordinates, and each tomb is photographed individually. These are then interfaced to an ERP system (in this specific case SAP Business One) to provide the database of the departed and the graves necessary for managing the cemetery. The data of the departed and the graves can be published in the Internet, enabling relatives to search by name or by grave.

Handicraft in Europe portal: www.kezmuvesportal.hu
Cemeteries in Jászság County: (www.iusta.hu)