Production Tracking with Automated Identification

Noldex Co. offers the comprehensive implementation of its state-of-the-art custom developed production tracking system based on barcodes or microchips.

Our services cover the following areas:


  • planning production processes,
  • preparing detailed system design,
  • developing and putting related software into operation,
  • training users,
  • delivering, installing and maintaining the necessary hardware equipment.


The goal of the company is to implement a state-of-the-art system which realizes cost savings by tracking the process from the production order to finished goods receipt in an automated way, and drives performance by efficiently using the information received. Automated identification techniques integrated into the process ensure that the data entry tasks necessary for the operation are seamlessly adapted to the production process, and the accuracy of the production database is maximized.

By seamlessly connecting to and exchanging data with existing IT systems, the software provides all the information which is necessary for planning and controlling production, and for ensuring good production quality.

The modular build of the system enables quick and fail-safe development, and easy connect to related systems.



GE Lighting Tungsram Rt. (metal production)

GE Lighting Tungsram Rt. (spiral production)

GE Lighting Tungsram Rt. (cathode production)