Warehouse Management with Barcode Identification

Noldex offers the implementation of its custom developed warehouse management system using the state-of-the-art technology of the 21st century. The system applies barcode technology and is highly integrated to all logistic processes by connecting to the enterprise resource planning system (e.g. SAP).

The goal of the development was to create a modern solution in warehouse management which is connected to SAP, and with which the goods can be automatically tracked from goods receipt to goods issue.

Implementing the barcode-based warehouse management system enables users to efficiently process information related to moving and storing goods. The system automatically determines where the goods shall be stored, analyses optimal storage space utilization, promotes compliance to storage strategies, and facilitates automated inventories. Beyond indoor storages, the system also supports outdoor storage spaces by using radiofrequency equipments.

A standalone version (not connected to any ERP systems) of the system using microchips to uniquely identify products has been functioning at one of the reference sites for several years.




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