Company History

Noldex Organizing and Services Co. was founded by individuals as a limited liability company in 1991. The main profile of the company was supporting state-owned companies in their reorganizing processes with BPR (business process reengineering) after the regime change. Applying theoretically established, proven methodologies and know-how was considered a critical element in the accepted strategy, this being the sole way to achieve professional acknowledgement and long-term success in the services industry. The new methodology was named SYSMO, and built on group techniques, it has become the excellent tool for reorganizing business processes.

Soon the developing of a complex service began to provide a highly efficient tool for registering by name the shares of state-owned companies reorganized into corporations, for organizing their annual or special general meetings, and for the computerized supporting and evaluating the voting according to the shareholders’ number of shares. The development resulted two software products as well. The first is a share registry software which has been in use at several companies ever since. The second is a barcode technique based computerized system for registering shareholders at the meeting and for counting their votes. This latter can rely on the database of the share registry software, and– together with the complex services for organizing the shareholders' meeting – provides a comprehensive solution primarily for companies with a large number of shareholders.

The computerized barcode based registering software is excellent for supporting the on-the-spot admittance to any events where a registration by name is necessary (e.g. conferences or training courses where a preliminary registration or a registration fee is required).

Using the potentials of automatic identification and applying the barcode technique in different areas enabled us to develop warehouse management and production tracking systems interfaced to the market-leading integrated enterprise resource planning system of SAP. The acquired knowledge led to an even more sophisticated use of automatic identification – the microchip, which served as the basis for the development of Amazon warehouse system. Custom development in these aspects primarily means implementing data management systems with a central database.

In business process management, reengineering business processes tends to mean more than optimizing the companies’ processes; rather it is related to some other more complex activities (e.g. elaborating a quality management system, implementing an ERP system, or realizing an outsourcing project). Our BPR knowledge base and the functionality of ARIS Toolset served as the basis for developing the complex methodology named ISORIS, which also supports the preparations for SAP implementation projects comprehensively. ISORIS methodology plays a significant role in project planning and tracking, in the accurate documentation of project management and realization.

The ISO 9000 quality management system of the company was certified in 1999, and it also covers project management.

Internet has opened new possibilities for the company. Winning an IHM (Ministry of Informatics and Telecommunications) fund allowed of establishing a “Handicraft in Europe” Internet portal (, which has won the confidence of Hungarian craftsmen, and the Certificate issued by the portal is gaining more and more acknowledgement in the market for portal members.